Top 10 smartphone companies in the global market 2019

Top 10 smartphone companies

According to Strategic Analytics and Counterpoint reports, sales of smartphones from different smartphone companies in the global market continued to decline even in the second quarter of 2019.

Despite the decline of smartphone sales in the global market, Samsung and Huawei somehow managed to achieve growth in terms of smartphone sales and market share. According to Strategic Analytics, sales of smartphones in the global smartphone market declined by 9.4 percent this quarter while Samsung’s smartphone sales increased by 8.5 percent. Yes. Another company, Huawei’s smartphone sales, achieved a growth rate of 5.7 percent respectively.

Tech giant company, Apple said that it was facing a decline in smartphone sales in this quarter. Sales of Apple smartphones declined by 0.7% in the second quarter of 2019.

In terms of numbers, Samsung has managed to sell 76 million smartphones in the same quarter. Similarly, Huawei’s second-largest smartphone seller has sold 58 million smartphones. While Apple’s remain in third-place with 38 million iPhone sales in this quarter.

In terms of sales and market share, Xiaomi was ranked fourth with a 9.4 percent market share and Oppo was in the fifth position with an 8.5 percent market share. However, the growth rate of these two companies has seen an increase a little bit as compare to the previous year.

According to the counterpoint report, Smartphone companies share in theglobal market

  1. Samsung, which has the largest share of the global smartphone market, has a market share of 21.6 percent.
  2. Huawei’s market share in the second place with 15.8 percentage of total smartphone market.
  3. Apple comes in third place with a 10.1 percent market share.
  4. Xiaomi comes in fourth place with a market share of 9 percent.
  5. Oppo in fifth place with a market share of 8.1percent.
  6. Similarly, Vivo occupy the total market share of 7.5%
  7. Lenovo occupy the total market share of 2.6%
  8. LG occupy the total market share of 2.2%
  9. Nokia occupies the total market share of 1.3 %
  10. RealMe occupy the total market share of 1.3%

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