Standard measurement methods to calculate building construction works

You need to know the standard measurement methods to calculate the works. In this article, you will learn standard methods for measuring building construction works.

Measurement methods of building construction works

Following measurement method is used works for building construction works.

1. Earthwork/ Excavation Measurement

  • Earthwork is measured in a cubic meter.
  • Length, breadth, and height are measured to get cubic content.
  • Excavation includes throwing of excavated earth.
  • Dressing or trimming, leveling, or grading, ramming, and consolidation shall be described in the item of earthwork.
  • No separate measurements shall be taken for the setting out works, site clearance, etc. These are already included in the rates.

2. Concrete Work Measurement

  • Concrete work is measured in cubic meter or cubic feet.
  • No deduction shall be made for the opening of up to 0.1 m2.
  • Formwork including centering and shuttering is taken a separate item in meter square unless other specified.

3. RCC Work Measurement

  • RCC work is also measured in cubic meter excluding steel.
  • The reinforcement is measured under the separate item in kilogram (Kg).
  • Normally, centering and shuttering shall not be measured separately but included in the rate of RCC Work.

4. Damp Proof Course Work Measurement

  • Damp-proof course (DPC) is generally measured in square meter stating thickness.
  • The horizontal and verticle DPC measured separately.

5. Stone masonry work Measurement

  • Stone masonry work is measured in a cubic meter.
  • The description of stone material, mortar, portion, nature, and type of wall are specified separately.
  • Different types of stone masonry such as ashlar, random are taken under separate items.

6. Brick Work Measurement

  • Brickwork is measured in a cubic meter.
  • The description of the bricks and the materials of the mortar with the bricks and the materials of the mortar with the portion should be specified.
  • A different class of bricks works is also specified.
  • No deduction shall be made for the opening up to 1 square foot.

7. Wood Work Measurement

  • Woodworks are measured in cubic meter or cubic feet.
  • Different kinds of wood and different nature of woodwork shall be taken under separate items.
  • The door and window shutter shall be taken in square meter or square feer specifying the thickness and kind of wood.
  • The door and window chaukhat should be taken in cubic meter or cubic feet.

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8. Steel and ironwork Measurement

  • The steel and ironwork are measured in a kilogram.
  • Various items are measured under separate items. Bending is not measured separately.

9. Roof Covering Work Measurement

  • Roof covering is measured in square meter or square foot.
  • Measurement of the laid roof shall be taken without considering lap of one over another.

10. Ceiling Work Measurement

  • The ceiling is measured in square meters or square feet.
  • Method of fixing shall be described.

11. Flooring Work Measurement

  • It is measured in square meter or square ft.
  • The thickness should be specified.
  • Kind of material, a portion of mortar should be specified.
  • Skirting up to 30cm in height shall be measured in running meter.
  • Skirting exceeding 30cm shall be measured in meter square or square foot.

12. Plastering and pointing work Measurement

  • It is measured in square meter or square ft.
  • Thickness, mortar and its mix quantity shall be specified.
  • Plastering of all roofed ceiling, wall, etc shall be measured under separate items.

13. Painting works Measurement

  • It is measured in square meter or square ft.
  • No. of coat shall be specified.
  • Different types of surfaces such as steel, wood, cement, etc shall be taken under the separate item.

14. Sanitary and water supply work Measurement

  • All pipe works shall be measured in running meter/ running feet.
  • Fitting bends, junction, etc shall not be measured separately.

15. Electrical Works Measurement

  • Electrical wiring shall be taken in point as light point, fan point, etc.
  • Point work shall include all the necessary works required to complete in wiring from the main board to sub-main.

In this way, you can take measure building construction works in the correct way.

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