How to download YouTube Videos?

If you are traveling in a place where there is no Internet access and you use YouTube frequently for watching videos. Then we have different tips using it you can download videos and watch it offline.

Once you downloaded videos on YouTube, you can view it anytime anywhere nothing to worry about the Internet connection.

Here we are teaching you a tutorial downloading YouTube videos.

1. Download video from YouTube app.

YouTube allows downloading some videos on Android and IOS.

Do it as below.


  1. Open the YouTube app on your smartphone.
  2. Open any video on the app.
  3. You can see a ‘Download’ button below the title. This button only appears if the creator of the video has permission to download it.
  4. Press the download and then the video starts downloading. You can see it at the time you like.

This is the simplest way to download videos from YouTube. However, not all videos are available to download and this method only works on mobile.
  If you want to download videos on your computer or laptops, then there is a different way.

2. How to download youtube videos on Windows, Mac or Linux?

YouTube is a free app for downloading YouTube videos in Mac OS, and Linux, which is called Four K (Video) (4k) video downloader. That app can be downloaded any video.

Follow the following way to download videos from YouTube in any quality:

  1. Download 4k Video Downloader
  2. Go to the video you want to download. Copy the URL from your browser’s address bar.
  3. Open the 4k video downloader app and click on the green paste link button.
  4. The app will now slide the video and make you some modifications.
  5. Click on the Browse button and choose where to save the video. Then click on the download.
  6. Now the app will download the video.

This is the best way to download videos in a higher resolution. While going to other options, you may not download 720 pixels or larger resolution videos.

3. Download youtube videos online

If you can not download the YouTube video from the app, you can also do it from the web browser. Take these steps

  1. Open YouTube Downloader
  2. Copy the URL of the video on the paste URL section.
  3. Click on ‘Start’.
  4. The section is opened there where the different resolution of videos with sizes are given. Choose the format you want. Click on the Download button.

This method will download video up-to 1080p videos without any restriction.

Do you know:

Americans Are Addicted to YouTube.

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