How to hide your private pictures on Google Photos?

Since google provide 15 GB cloud storage and mostly we use android phones. So being an android use and google use we use Google photos too. Google photos not only safe our pictures on cloud but also help to save the phone memory consumption’s. As I’m also a user of Google Photos sometime i faced a problem when I’m showing my memories captured as pictures to there are also private photos which I don’t want to show others. The easiest way to safeguard your photos is to save photos on Google Photos.

This app gives the user the service to organize their photos that helps save multiple spaces in mobile devices.

However, some of your photos and videos are so private that you don’t want to show such photos in the main album.

If you want to see your photos not visible to others, it is the best option to hide it on the main scrolling feeds of Google Photos.

You can easily hide such personal photos.

For this, archiving features can be used on Google Photos.

This feature is available for all Android, Web and IOS users. Private photos and videos through which can be separated from the main album. This feature needs to be 2.15 versions of Google Photos.

To open the photo or video you want to archive, select the app by opening it. Then click on the menu button that is on top of the app on the left. When the menu is open then there is an open up session. Note: The photo or video you care about will not appear in the main album.

The photo or video that has been recorded does not have to be deleted. Already hide in a folder, which you can be search later. Learn about Google Photos.

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