Top Duties and responsibilities of a civil engineer as a site supervisor

In the construction work, a civil engineer works as a supervisor. A civil site engineer is who supervises the workers and responsible for the execution of work and control the subordinates.

Duties of a civil engineer at the site

  1. To finish the work in the estimated time.
  2. To follow the duties and responsibilities of his own position.
  3. Divide the work among the workers and direct and assist them in completing it.
  4. Use his own knowledge as a technical expert and lead the team.
  5. To train his/her juniors and motivate them.
  6. Evaluate the performance of the employees and encourage them.
  7. To develop discipline among employees.
  8. Correct the mistakes of employees and help them to solve the problem.
  9. To maintain the policies and procedures of the organization among the employees.
  10. Cooperate with co-workers.
  11. To take advice and assistance from the specialist when needed. 
  12. Deal with public and political interference.
  13. Listen to the employee problems and trying to solve it.
  14. Make a work progress report and update it daily.

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Responsibilities of a civil engineer as a supervisor

  1. As a site engineer, he/she is responsible for quality control.
  2. Site-engineer is responsible to work accordingly to the drawings and specifications of the work provided. 
  3. He/she is responsible for keeping the cost of work according to the specified budget.
  4. Responsible for all the works executed by subordinates under his/her supervision.
  5. A site supervisor is responsible for dealing with parties and solves the issues raised or conflict at the site.
  6. As a site engineer, he/she has to supervise the work, prepare /check bills and check accounts.
  7. Site-engineer responsible for the delay of work and have to make a report on that with specific reasons.
  8. Site-supervisor is also responsible for coordination with the team and has to maintain a friendly environment at the site.

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