Bitumen – Properties and Uses

Bitumen is known as petroleum in the fluid state, mineral tar in the semifluid state and asphalt in the solid-state. It is a solid or semi-solid black, sticky, ductile substance, obtained as a crucial byproduct from the distillation of crude fossil oil.

It may even be outlined as that portion of fossil oil asphalt and tar product, which is able to dissolve in carbon disulphide. Bitumen implies a bunch of hydrocarbons typically mixed with some organic matter.

Properties of bitumen

  1. It’s characteristically solid or semi-solid, black and sticky.
  2. It melts or softens on the application of warmth.
  3. Its specific gravity is 1.09.
  4. It is completely soluble in carbon disulphide.
  5. it’s a binder all told kinds of asphalt.
  6. It possesses nice chemical stability but is affected by oil.
  7. it’s low permittivity and high insulation resistance

Uses of bitumen

It is used as a damp proof course in walls and under-basements and inlining tanks, swimming pools, urinals, etc. Since it forms a smart growth joint so, it’s used for filling up the joints in leaky roofs.

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