Air pollution

Air pollution is the addition of poisonous gases like CO,  NO, NO2, SO3, SO2, O3, H2S dust, smoke and unburnt hydrocarbons like CH4,C2H5, CFC,  etc. produced by either natural phenomena or human activities in Earth’s atmoshpher. These gases are continuously released to the atmosphere day by day due to which air pollution occurs.

The air pollutants present in the atmosphere disturb the dynamic equilibrium in the atmosphere and thereby affect the earth habitats and their environment.

Sources of air pollution

There are several sources of air pollution which may be either natural process or man made activities such as

  1. Burning of coal, wood, and Oils
  2. Internal combustion of engines of car, buses, trucks,  trains, etc
  3. Chemical industries: various poisonous gases like CO,  NO, NO2, SO3, SO, etc are released
  4. Dust produced from heavy traffic and crowded population
  5. Carbon monoxide by combustion hydrocarbon, fuels, etc.
  6. volcanic Eruption, Wars, agricultural activities, scientific experiments, rocket launching, etc

Effect of air pollution

  1. Human being suffers from diseases like heart failure, lungs disease, and high blood pressure.
  2. It increases tension makes fatigue and restless.
  3. It may cause blindness, skin disease.etc
  4. A man may become senseless.

Methods of control

The prevention of the production of air pollutants is the core of the control of air pollution.

It can be control by the following methods

  1. By minimizing the production of by adding tetra ethylene lead in petrol.
  2. It can be controlled by using alternative sources of energy instead of fossil fuels.
  3. By planting green trees in rural as well as urban areas.
  4. It can be controlled by make awareness of air pollution
  5. By banning the use of low-quality gasoline.
  6. It can be controlled for the long term by lunching international and national programs for the protection of theatmosphere.

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